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Invitation to Tender - Wisbech CLLD

12 February 2019

Cambridgeshire ACRE, working on behalf of the Wisbech Community-Led Local Development Local Action Group, wishes to contract a suitability qualified consultant who will:

* Monitor, report and provide an independent view on progress being made by the Wisbech CLLD programme;

* Evaluate whether the Wisbech CLLD Local Development Strategy has been delivered and successfully met its objectives;

* Assist us in demonstrating overall achievements and identifying successful approaches / important learning arising from this Community-Led Local Development approach.

The successful consultant will commit to a longitudinal study, starting in April 2019 and concluding in June 2021, as we wish to gather data over a 27-month period to track and clearly identify the impact of CLLD delivery on the Wisbech area, including on LAG members, project applicants and project beneficiaries.

The value of this contract is up to £20,000 (inclusive of any VAT you may need to charge).

The Invitation to Tender can be downloaded from the link on the right-hand side of this page. You should also familiarise yourself with Cambridgeshire ACRE’s policies on Data Protection and Choosing Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers.

The closing date for tender responses is Friday 15 March at 5pm. Full details on how to respond can be found in the Invitation to Tender.

Should you have any queries, please contact Kieran Carr, EU Programmes Manager, on 01353 865047.

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