We provide members with security in the knowledge that they have access to prompt and professional advice. Support the work of Cambridgeshire ACRE and receive the support your community needs.

Membership benefits

Becoming a member of Cambridgeshire ACRE gives access to a number of benefits:

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Voting rights at Cambridgeshire ACRE AGM

Vote on matters concerning the running of the charity

Member helpline

Advice and information online or by phone (for community group members only)

Face-to-face and online peer learning

Make connections and swap idea at community meetings held across the County plus masterclasses and training events to boost your skills. Some events may carry an additional charge

Online members' network

Access to our online members' network where members can share conversations, ideas and experiences

Occasional e-newsletters

News, funding alerts and insights into issues affecting communities

HallsforHire listing

A listing for your community building in our online directory of Cambridgeshire’s community buildings

Our membership types


For individuals who want to be part of the Cambridgeshire ACRE family and support our work with rural communities.

Community group

For voluntary and community organisations, community building management committees and local councils (such as village halls or local councils). Demonstrate your support for our work with rural communities. In return, receive our advice and support and take part in the many activities and projects we run across the County.

Business or statutory organisation membership

For commercial businesses or statutory agencies that work in, or with, rural communities.

Your backing furthers our ability to give practical support to community groups and local councils.

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