Cambridgeshire Rural Affordable Housing Partnership

Discover how we are helping to bring forward affordable housing in rural Cambridgeshire.

About the project


Our Rural Affordable Housing Partnership is funded by contributions from South Cambridgeshire District Council, East Cambridgeshire District Council, Huntingdonshire District Council, Fenland District Council, Accent, Chorus/Places for People, Cambridge Housing Society, Hastoe, Longhurst, Cross Keys Homes and Bpha.

Why is this needed?

This project is required as it brings together organisations who have a shared aim – addressing the need for affordable rural housing. Between May 2020 and May 2021, the average house price in a rural area increased twice that compared to urban areas. With house prices increasing in this way it is becoming increasingly challenging for some people to remain living in rural areas. This could include young adults who have grown up in the area, young families looking to upsize their property, people with a family history in the village looking to return and those moving to the area to care for family. Our work helps to enable these people to access affordable housing so they can remain in or return to the area they have a local connection to whether they rent or own that home.

The Cambridgeshire Rural Affordable Housing Partnership brings together 4 local authorities and 7 housing associations to address the needs of rural communities in Cambridgeshire. The partnership facilitates good working relationships between the local authorities and partner housing associations. All of our housing association partners have a history of bringing forward housing in rural areas and are well versed in meeting the requirements set out in planning policy. These good relationships are key to bringing forward rural affordable housing as it can be a challenging process. Our expertise compared with that of our partners allows us to support this process whether this be from conducting an initial housing needs survey, educating and assisting people throughout the process or finding suitable land to propose development on.

How can you get involved?

The Rural Housing Enabler at Cambridgeshire ACRE can provide advice and support to parish councils regarding bring forward affordable housing in their parish. We can also advise housing associations, developers and landowners on what is involved in undertaking a survey and why this is required.

What impact has our work had?


Watch a case study regarding rural affordable housing development in the parish of Colne, Huntingdonshire.

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Read a case study produced by South Cambridgeshire District Council regarding a rural affordable housing development at Foxton, South Cambridgeshire.

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