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About the project


The development of the Fens Biosphere programme is funded by the Postcode Dream Trust, as a key part of the Water Works project which is managed by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

Why is this needed?

The Fens face an uncertain future – the need to deal with changes associated with climate change – sea level rise, peat loss, water scarcity – and population growth, the fragility of some of our more vulnerable wildlife areas and the increasing need to find sustainable solutions to feeding and housing us all mean we must find joint solutions which deliver the best possible environmental outcomes coupled with a good quality of life.

There is an increasingly loud call for a bigger vision for the area and its residents, where people and organisations work together across all land use and other interests and across political boundaries. Collaborative solution seeking is what UNESCO Biospheres are well known for and we are working with partners to understand if the UNESCO Fens Biosphere is a suitable approach for the southern part of the Fens and its Fen Edge areas, in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Cambridgeshire ACRE is the lead partner, using our expertise in coordinating and facilitating a complex project where a wide-range of partners have come together to consider if a UNESCO Biosphere is the right for the Fens.

How can you get involved?

Please contact Cambridgeshire ACRE or visit the Fens Biosphere website (see below for link) for an update on how the partnership is moving forward.

What impact has our work had?

To date, Cambridgeshire ACRE’s work in facilitating the Fens Biosphere Steering Group and coordinating the development of a nomination to UNESCO has led to:


Cumulus Consultants, providing a summary of the research we commissioned, explain the social and economic value a Fens Biosphere could provide in this recent video presentation.

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We received very positive responses to our virtual conference, held in January 2021; these included:

“Thank you to the Fens Biosphere team who ran a fantastic conference this week- lots of great speakers and workshops – we look forward to living in a biosphere reserve!”

“The amount of partners involved is impressive and with coordination and continued effort – they are ingredients for delivering great results over time and at scale.”

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Who can I talk to about this work?

Please contact Kirsten Bennett, Chief Executive, on 01353 865041 or email